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Why I Became A Travel Agent

Discounts! That’s it. That simple! I have a big family and we love to travel and I was tired of spending hours and days and weeks looking for ways to save $50 on one thing only to learn that short cut would cost me $100 for something else.

A few years ago I decided that traveling was more important than any materialistic gift I could give my kids. It really wasn’t a strong concept in my world, so this idea of traveling wasn’t as acceptable as it is now.

We would spend weeks eating crappy homemade meals so we could travel like stars for the weekend.

I would spend countless hours trying to save every penny possible. I dont’ even want to share just how many “time-share presentations” I have been to.

I knew that being on the inside was the only way to go, but I assumed that meant thousands of dollars in start-up fees and thousands of hours in training.


I have looked into various travel agency organizations to join and based off of the following three items, I decided to go with Evolution.

  1. Financial Commitment (Starting & Ongoing)

  2. Accessibility of Training & Fingertip Support

  3. Travel Discounts & Income Potential

The Financial Commitment for me needed to be reasonable not just for me but for other moms, because I knew I wanted to grow a team of moms that wanted to travel and make money for their families. With Evolution it was s simple $49 to get started and have access to everything and just $69 a month to maintain my status as an independent travel agent.

Having great training is great, but having great accessible training is even better. I have had the pleasure of being handed a boatload of training resources that we like massive and finding a starting point was like finding a needle in a haystack. My on-boarding with Evolution has been amazing. I am a busy mom and often do a ton of work early in the morning or late at night when the world is sleeping. So having a smooth on-boarding checklist that I can follow has been critical. I know if I get stuck anywhere I have tons of team members that can bail me out.

Obviously I got into travel because I wanted to travel more and I wanted to make money but I also wanted to show other single moms just like me that it really is possible to travel and make unlimited income. I needed an organization that would allow me to complete my training and build my team on my terms and my time. An organization that I could decide my worth and income.

The silly thing is I spent over two years working out kinks, determining what really matters, justifying my precious time away from my kids to be a successful travel agent. Lots of meeting and meet up and three way calls and video watching lead me to Evolution Travel. The energy was the perfect temperature for me.

Starting today, January 1, 2020, I am ready to add other single moms or not so single moms or aunts or grandmas to my team.

If this is you lets chat!

Submit a form.

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