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Traveling With Kids During A Pandemic: Before you go.

The past few months have been more than a challenge for single moms and kids. The complexity of figuring it all out as a single solo parent, has a different weight to it. Like you, I have been through every emotion there is. Most of the time all in a day. The highs and lows of living in the midst of a pandemic have been exhausting.

I got to a point when I realized that it is up to me to create a new normal for my family. For the past eight years we have become avid travelers and it is something that we missed more than a little bit.

Clearly, traveling right now is either not safe or extremely restrictive. I know that my kids are struggling. I know there is a thin line between surviving and not surviving. I knew I needed to give them every opportunity to thrive and to learn a new set of coping skills. I decided to alleviate my anxiety about the pandemic and started planning. I immediately knew that I was not the only mom feeling the same way. I dusted off my travel agent hat and got to work.

First, where could we go that was safe? Second, could I actually pull this off? Lastly, with all the restrictions what could we do?

Social distancing, clean spaces, safety parameters. I felt like if I could find these spaces I could give them something to look forward to.

So here is what I did…

  1. I ordered some mask and 70% alcohol from Amazon.

  2. Made a COVID kit for my truck.

  3. Taught my kids more about COVID, social distancing & how to communicate when they don’t feel safe of well.

  4. Googled best places to travel with kids in my state to see if I could turn those same places into what I am now calling Low Risk COVID Safe places.

  5. I ordered individual snacks to decrease the sharing.

  6. Extra wipes, and sanitizer and bottles of water.

I started with the places that had the lowest risk. State parks that had reservations to minimize crowding and any adventure that allowed us to move and travel independent of others. I made plans for 30 days out, as I felt that things would change too much to make plans more than 30 days away.

Our first adventure: Franklin Drive Thru Safari

Remember, everyone is experiencing this differently. Be kind. Don’t Judge. Be as safe as you can for you, your family and your community. Try different low risk adventures your kids can remember more than the restrictions of COVID-19. Do your best to provide opportunities of hope for your family. Teach your kids to be nimble and understanding.

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