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Traveling Adventure Awaits In 2021

I don’t know about you but I am very excited to explore in ways that we have not explored before.

I know that we are still in the midst of a pandemic. I know that social distancing is key to us getting through this pandemic. So I have been working very hard to balance science, our mental health, the pulse of traveling and the undiscovered adventures we can take.

I know that for many people traveling is out of the question. I respect that. We all have different perspectives and need different things from life right now.

2020 taught me that you only get one life. You only have this life and while we can create all of the boundaries and parameters we can find, it ultimately will be divine fate. I am not saying throw caution to the wind. I am not saying break the laws of social distancing or wearing masks. I am saying find that sweet spot that works for you. That place that says “That’ll Do”.

For some of us not much has changed. For other our entire world is upside-down. If you are like me and you are resilient and your bounce back game is strong, 2021 is about to be one amazing year.

I spent the past few months revamping everything I know about travel. In 2021 and beyond the way we will travel will be much different than than they way we did in 2019. I also know that many people will not be prepared for this new way of traveling. That is where travel advisors come in. Now is the perfect time to to invest in your family’s future. Imagine spending 3 months learning about all things “new” in travel. Imagine being the subject matter expert. Imagine taking your family on adventures and creating experiences that they will remember forever.

The travel industry is a trillion (with a T) dollar industry. Although most traditional methods of travel have paused, others are blooming! This pause will be over soon, and when it is, what side of travel do you want to be on?

I want to personally invite you to the relaunch of Single Moms Travel Club!

We are having a launch party February 2nd and I want to see you there!

Register for the Launch Party!

Families will travel again.

When they do, what side of travel do you want to be on?

Travel is not just about waiting and saving for an entire year to cram 10 days of adventure with your family.

Traveling is about creating experiences that your children will remember for a lifetime.

Being a travel advisor you get to have the best of both worlds. Learn about the industry, while living the experiences as a part of your everyday life.

February 2, 2021, Single Moms Travel Club will be launching a national team of travel advisors.

As a Club Member, you will…

*Learn industry standards

*Develop your specific niche

*Build your unique brand

*Learn to make money during a pandemic

*Create several streams of income

*Receive marketing and sales training

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