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The New Normal. Will you create it or resent it?

As a mother, community member, business owner and travel influencer; COVID-19 has me taking several seats. There are so many emotions tied to the ever changing winds of the world responding to the pandemic.

My mother hat has grown at least 2 gallons bigger as I am now also their school. I am very blessed to be able to work form home, don’t get me wrong. There is however a difference in kids being home for spring break relaxing around the house and assisting kids in elementary, middle and high schools.

With businesses opening back up, the new normal is a bit of a jagged pill to swallow. Wearing a mask to do what used to be normal everyday errands. Thinking twice before accepting change from a purchase transaction. Counting the number of cars at the hiking trail entrance.

I find myself a bit resentful. I feel like my many options have been taken away from me and even though I know it is for my own good, still I’m resentful. If I had to be completely honest, my resentment comes from not being able to turn the ship as fast as I wanted to. Yes, I have been able to work from home. Yes, my children are safe and well taken care of. Yes, I have not had to worry about finances. As a business owner, I have wanted to launch projects and build and scale. But I have not had the focus I thought I would have…until now.

When things are moving in all directions and I feel like I don’t have any control, I keep going back to my COVID-19 Mantra… On the other side of this, I want ________!

Sometimes I say “On the other side of this, I want to be healthier.” Sometimes its stronger, smarter or may its to laugh more, learn a new recipe. And for a brief moment I wonder what exactly is the other side? Is it the new normal, as in how we go shopping or travel. Or is it the new way of coping with the ever changing rules, spoken and unspoken.

I have to say I think it is the new way of coping.

If given the chance, to recent the changes or create a new way, which would you pick? I decided to create a new way.

The New Normal. Will you create it or resent it.

My original dreams as a travel agent have changed so much in the last 30 days. The idea of selling tickets and making reservations and booking events has shifted to crafting unique intimate experiences for families. The hunt for discovering private gems in our own back yards, this pandemic taught me to see the things I would normally pass in my hurried life. So as things open back up, I pray you continue to hold onto the private moments the pandemic taught us all to treasure. As we shift, make the decision that your new normal will be one that you create and not one that you recent.

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