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Staycation: San Antonio Zoo

Over the years, I put the San Antonio Zoo off of our adventure checklist.

We moved here from the Washington DC Metro area, and visiting the Zoo was utterly free. Because of COVID, I have been looking for new experiences to get us out of the house and still be safe.

San Antonio Zoo

Last week I looked up the San Antonio Zoo. Lucky for me they are having a special. We love annual memberships. I can pay once, and it will last all year. Right now, the Zoo is having a Black Friday Special. Become a Pass Holder today and experience all of San Antonio Zoo’s events throughout the year! NEW for 2020 is their Monthly Membership Program to San Antonio Zoo. With a Monthly Membership Pass, you will receive year-round admission for one low monthly price.

Purchase your Annual Pass to San Antonio Zoo for as low as $44 reg price & $30.80 per person during their Black Friday Sale (monthly memberships not included). Use code BF2020 at checkout.

The regular entrance fee is $20, but you could have an annual membership for $30. This is the perfect time to get your yearly membership. Last week we enjoyed the Festival On A Stick event. We enjoyed it so much that we are going back. We paid $30 for an annual membership and $20 for tickets to eat at different festival themed booths. While we were there, I was reminded that they also have Zoolights, and November is Military Month.

Into The Out COVID Safety Matrix

COVID-19 Risk Level: Low Moderate! Masks are not required while walking around but strongly encouraged. About 95% of everyone we saw had their masks on. There are some inside and outside exhibits that do require masks. We found ample amounts of hand sanitizer stands located all over the Zoo.

Cost: $ for four of us to go, regular admission is $20 ($30 for an annual membership with the Black Friday Deal), and the food to feed everyone was about $15 per person, and that was plenty of food. During the Food on a Stick Festival, they are selling tickets for $20. Turkey legs were $10, and cotton candy was $5. You could also buy food in the cafe. A personal pizza was $9. We tried the fried Oreos, and I loved the corn on the cob.

Time: We arrived at 11ish and stayed until about 3. It was lots of walking, but it felt good to get out and move around. There was ample seating, so it was easy to grab your food from a stand and grab a seat.

Engagement & Excitement: 10 Stars! This worked out great for everyone. I had my 10-year-old son, my 14-year-old son, and his friend on this trip. We were all excited, and we all had a fantastic time.

We will definitely be taking advantage of our annual pass and returning as much as possible. Looking forward to Zoo Lights!

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