Santa’s Wonderland: North Pole In Texas

Let me start by saying, we needed this!

This year we have been forced to do way too much adulting, figuring out way to many new guidelines for living and dealing with more than enough sadness for a lifetime.

Usually Halloween is my favorite holiday with Christmas coming in second, but not even a strong second. This year I wanted to forget just for a moment about how challenging this year has been for our family. We have been very blessed that we have not lost anyone to COVID and have been able to remain financially sustainable. This does not mean we have not felt the weight of everything.

I cam across Santa’s Wonderland on Facebook. I was fortunate to find a Black Friday special and tickets were half off. Well worth it!

COVID-19 Risk Level: Moderate! Masks are not required while walking around but strongly encouraged. About 75% of everyone we saw had their masks on. There are some inside and outside shops that do require masks. We found occasional stands with hand sanitizer stands located all over Wonderland. I didn’t expect any, so I had an extra bottle and wipes just in case. There are some lines for different attraction where the 6 foot rule wasn’t strongly enforced, but managed by the nasty looks I gave if you got too close. In everyone’s defense, we were all a bit star struck and happy to think about something different.

Cost: $$ For four of us to go, regular admission is $52 for adults and $47 for kids 3-12. We paid $27 and $22 with the Super Saver promotion. The food to feed everyone was about $20 per person for snacks and dessert. We decided to eat dinner before going so we would only purchase snacks and dessert. I know they had a ton of food, but we gravitated towards dessert.

Time: We arrived at 5ish and stayed until about 8:30. It was lots of walking, but it felt good to get out and move around. There are some hills if anyone in your party has trouble with walking. We did stand in line for the Hayride for almost 1 hour. They do sell express passes where the waiting is short. I just could not justify spending an additional $14 per person. There was ample seating, so it was easy to grab your food from a stand and grab a seat.

Engagement & Excitement: 10 Stars! This worked out great for everyone. I had my 10-year-old son, my 14-year-old son, and his friend on this trip. We were all excited, and we all had a fantastic time. There is really something for everyone and I can see this becoming a new family tradition.

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