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Cadillac Ranch

We absolutely are in love with travelling and even though we have to do it a little bit differently it’s still so much fun.

Finding creative ways to travel safely during COVID-19 has been a challenge but it’s also been a gold mine. We’ve travelled to places that we probably would not have considered.

Cadillac Ranch is off the highway spaced out and away from pretty much everything. I took my 10 and 14 year old on this trip and they both thought it was the weirdest thing they had ever heard of. I have to agree. When I explained what we were going to be doing, they definitely looked at me like I had 8 eyeballs.

We had an amazing time. It’s was actually really freeing. We really felt a bit of freedom in the midst of everything.

#CadillacRanch #COVIDTraveling #IntoTheOut

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